Packing & Storage

Maintaining the cold chain is a must in fresh fruit and vegetables industry and We are very well aware of the importance of investing in high quality storage and packing facilities-in a location convenient to air hubs, road nodes and inland shipping options- in order to be well prepared to store and pack products in an efficient manner that ensures freshest quality and longer shelf-life.
The warehouses are equipped with modern loading and unloading bays to prevent any breakage in the cold chain. Thus, produce remains fresh and optimum quality is maintained during all inbound and outbound processes.
Packaging, protection and labeling of shipments are performed real-time in response to orders as they come in. Packaging is a matter of customization. Large or small, practical or luxurious, conventional or extraordinary: we are happy to discuss the almost endless possibilities with our clients.
An outstanding team of Managers and Supervisors that monitor storage conditions and product being packed on a daily basis to ensure quality and consistency cooperate with us in this regard and thanks to them we able to generate high volumes of packed fresh fruit to meet our customers various needs.
One of the skills for which TAAK is best known is the ability to combine pre-arranged logistic precision with extreme flexibility when needed.


At TAAK GREEN we believe every business is powered by people , and it is essential for a fast growing company to choose team members smartly. It will be your team, not just simply your product and business strategy, that will steer your company to success.
Thanks to our team of dedicated and market-oriented multilingual experts , who has the depth of experience and knowledge needed to precisely evaluate sources, markets, and needs and build longstanding, strong relationships, we have reached out to and made very strong ties with good customers in the region and neighboring countries, who help us grow and expand
Our customers deserve the best in terms of quality and service , and we have equipped ourselves with all it takes to deliver the best to them . We have made it our business to cooperate directly with suppliers who are as well liked-minded in this regard and thrive to help end-users enjoy a green life by providing products of best quality.