At the helm of TAAK stands our CEO Dr.Ali Chagharvand , a young E-commerce PHD holder, who after receiving his bachelor’s degree in industrial Engineering and his master’s in commercial management-Ecommerce was approved as a shiny, promising and talented student in Mysore university and proved to be well above that. He has published several academic papers, and has been a key part of many researches & educational projects both in India and Iran. As an industrial engineer, he has offered consultations to various industries in regard to implementing quality control systems, including automotive parts producers and dairy products companies.
Since co-founding TAAK in 2013, his commitment and enthusiasm has brought on a lively spirit to the company, as well as motivating the team of experts to reach out as far as possible and do their best to achieve mutually-set objectives and goals.
Thinking outside the box, He takes into account “why we can’t”s and using his deep knowledge and experience, finds most efficient solutions and paves the way towards “how we can”s to ensure growth, success and progress.
As a value-based decision maker who believes in ethical practices, Dr.Chagharvand believes PEOPLE come at the top of 3 P’s of business, and that the right people and premium quality products make you profitable beyond doubt.
He updates and trains his team of company’s responsibility to both market and society and shares with them his visionary approach to serving clients, and strongly believes the bigger picture should not be overlooked.
Dr.Ali has taught Marketing courses at Rajiv Gandhi University and is currently an associate professor at Azad University- Sciences and research branch.